Discovery Auditing – A Proven Method to Increase Revenue
and Make Your Job Easier


Microflex Acts as Your Agent
to Ensure Tax Regulation Compliance

You would spend more time finding delinquent and underpaid accounts... if you just had the resources. When you use Microflex Discovery Auditing Services, you will learn how to identify revenues you should be collecting, and then start recovering the unpaid tax and licensing revenue that is owed to your municipality. When you use Microflex's Discovery Auditing Services, this is what you can expect:
  • Increased tax revenues – bolster your general fund bottom line
  • Better tax compliance – create stronger and more reliable revenue projections
  • More equitable tax collection – work to create an even playing field and improve the business climate of the community
  • No new staff required – keep your expenses low
  • You pay nothing unless new revenue is discovered.

When You Want Results, Turn to the Professionals

Microflex has assisted more than 75 municipalities in finding more than $12MM in new tax revenues, by ensuring businesses are properly licensed and by collecting back taxes. Contact us to receive a list of references.


You Enjoy New Revenue, We Administer the Program

With Microflex Discovery Auditing Services, your local tax collections are administered through a comprehensive program that's handled as if we were a part of your existing staff. Microflex can assist you with the following types of taxes and licensing:
  • Business licenses and registrations
  • Sales and Use taxes
  • Business & Occupation and Business Privilege taxes
Discover just how easy and cost-effective it is to increase your revenue collection, without the need to hire additional staff.

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