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Increase Tax Revenues, Save Time

Microflex understands that you need powerful features and capabilities in the tool you use to track tax revenues. The Microflex service provides unique analysis, forecasting, and auditing tools, and it will complement your existing tax administration software and tools. Using our online service, you can easily manage and analyze tax receipts from different sources, compare data to find non-reporting taxpayers, improve tax revenue forecasting, and provide complete licensing and business tax administration.


Auditing and Forecasting: Easier and More Efficient

Microflex can import tax information from a wide variety of data sources, including databases, spreadsheets, or other files. Linking accounts across multiple databases allows you to easily manage your tax data that would otherwise be cumbersome. With more than 20 management reports available, your tax analysis and forecasting will be more accurate and reliable when you implement the Microflex solution.


Easy-to-Use and Implement

The Microflex online service works seamlessly with your existing office systems and software packages, and it is easy-to-use for your employees. Your complete satisfaction with our service is guaranteed.

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