• Collect more revenues with less effort

  • Increases revenues by auditing payments from businesses

  • Satisfy constituents by saving money on administration

  • Simplify management of revenue collection and records keeping

  • Make it easy to conduct audits of tax and other revenue sources

  • Save time and resources by outsourcing admin functions

  • Online record storage means less clutter and faster searching

Improved Tax and License Compliance that Pays for Itself




Make Your Job Easier While
Increasing Revenues and Reducing Costs

You're responsible for tracking and managing revenues from taxes, licenses, and other fees. You create budgets and forecasts. And then you have to follow the paper trail and audit businesses that may not be paying the taxes they owe.

Without spending additional money on staff, how do you ensure that your jurisdiction is receiving everything that it is due?

A Trusted Partner Increases Your Efficiency

Microflex has a proven record of assisting cities, counties, and transit agencies in tracking down and collecting tax and license revenues, and we will help you find the level of assistance that best suits your needs.

With a variety of services and products, including auditing, an online tax and license service, and experienced staff to help administer your tax and license programs, you can rest assured that Microflex will help you meet your goals. At the same time, partnering with Microflex to help manage your financial resources will make your job easier, too!


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